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OshKosh B'gosh is an American children's apparel company founded in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, in 1895. It is a subsidiary of Carter's.

Shannon mentioned, "I ordered a pair of shoes from OshKosh B'gosh online but they never came. I was told they were delivered on the 4th but nothing. I tried calling had to wait a hour still no answer. So I emailed them let's see if get reply. Seems like a big scam to me."


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Sales Manger pt (Former Employee) says

"Management are friends and family whom text and communicate off the clock behind your back. The new assistant is lazy and does no work and always calls out on Friday night to get drunk with minors."

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Would not recommend to work there seasonal, I seriously think they scheduled me to work two days out of the whole season. A waste of time, they do not give hours.No hours"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They don’t care for seasonal people working at their store. They give little training to the seasonal workers. They don’t have any respect for each other.Discount on the clothesNo respect"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"This was my first job I've ever gotten, and I quit within a month. First of all, a day after scheduling my interview the manager called me to tell me he forget when it was. Okay, so we have it and I snag the job. I work 2 hours for "training" (the manager just said "greet people and fix clothes") and getting into the payroll system. I'm not issued an employee number, given a schedule, nothing. I didn't hear back for a MONTH I was out-of-the-blue given simply a 3 hour shift. I went in, and was chastised for my clothes. I wore clothes that fit the store color scheme because when I came in for training there was absolutely no enforced dress code. Then was chastised for not knowing the area I would be working. The manager literally called me and said, "Come in _____ from __to__." I was also promised my employee number and locker next time I came in but had neither. Very stressful to be given looks from other employees because the manager didn't give me any policies to read or any training or information. I was scheduled to work Black Friday, and suddenly was removed from that schedule. I suppose this is some informal way to say that I've been fired?KidsThe manager, the staff, the unprofessionalism of training"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"manager thought she was better then her employees and didn't care about her staff in anyway shape or form was more considered that the store having to be perfect"

Sales associate (Former Employee) says

"The employees and the employers are quite rude towards each other and are ruder to the customers. The hardest part of working here was rush hour when everyone rushed in and lines were out the door and it was on the days we didn't have security working that day. Another thing is that if we thought someone was stealing we would have to go to them and ask if they need a bag to hold their items in their hands though we were all young and the managers left us minors in alone in the store to watch it."

PT Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"could have a better management team and better communication system. they need to talk to people with respect and learn that age difference doesn't make a competence barrier."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Its not the fault of those who have chosen to make a career at the parent company; Carters. There is extensive attrition of employees because their policies are poor at best! (since I cant use the word I really want to) THIS COMPANY NEEDS TO GO GREEN all the way around!!!! Thy could gain significant market share if this were accomplished and then well published. There is no need to further develop countries like Bangladesh when the US economy is struggling at best. Even as an employee I dont and wont buy their clothes. As soon as my income allows I will be dumping this job."

Retail Associate (Current Employee) says

"All this corporation cares about is keeping profit share holder happy. They waste an EXCESSIVE amount of non recyclable material. They disrespect employees time as a labor cost savings maneuver. The marketing and merchandisers cost stores labor by poor displays and daily changing the sales or promotional items."

Sales Associate, Execution Expert (Former Employee) says

"Great customers. Working for this company was great due to the customers and co-workers. Management was okay to work for when they spoke to you. The management was the hardest part of the job.Great customersLacks communication and job security"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Never been so disappointed in a job or stressed out. I had horrible management with expectations that the manager wouldn't even keep. (But the store i worked for no longer is open)sales experiencemanagement"

PART TIME SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"I have worked here for multiple years. The company under appreciates you and pays poorly. Fine for sales associate but do not be a part of the management team."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"After working at Osh Kosh for almost two years, I am ready for something new. It was a great experience but there was also many things I didn't like."

Industrial Sewer (Former Employee) says

"You learn how to use single , and double needle and bar tacking machines. I was employee for being able to understand, and to keep my machines running.we recieved trukeys for thanksgiving.they went over seas"

Part Time Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"I found this company to be very good for those that have a spouse with a good job. They type of person that doesnt "need" to work. They have pretty good benefits even for part time sups which is nice and they offer great benefits for parents, and thier associate discount is amazing. Although I am finding that it is a company that's all about sales. Which I get but they dont say the jobs is a sales job. If you arent sales you wont be happy here. It was sold to me as customers er service, which I am. I'm here to help you not push you."

Seasonal Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Starting with this company for a seasonal employee was garbage. I had problems the whole time witht ge inboarding stuff...then i was penalized for not going to work while i was still having issues wirh onboarding. Communication here really lacks, i was never given a real schedule! I was on told my working days by word of mouth. I feel like i was discriminated againat because i dont speak spanish.DiscountManagement is poor"

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"A typical day with the Carter's Inc is coming in and going straight to work, it's tough to get anything accomplished, I am lucky if I get a lunch break and more importantly, to inhale & exhale. Management is a hit or miss, you have some good ones or bad ones. Recruiting is very hard, the turn over rate is horrible. Everyday I am wondering if that person is going to show up for work. The hardest part of my job is time management. The work load and time frame is unrealistic, I am only human. The most enjoyable part of my job is meeting people, I learn a lot from the clientele we get in our location.Getting to see the cute stuff first before anyone else.Benefits, discount, any type of break."

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"the company itself has high standards for its employees, but there's no payroll! A sales associate works maybe 8 hours a week, supervisors work 23 and managers get 40 hours. It's mindless work.good cultureno communication from managent to associates."

N/A (Former Employee) says

"Volume oriented work place. You are just one more body to open boxes place the product out and that’s it. Good place for work while in school. Not a place to move up."

Sales Associate/Customer Service (Current Employee) says

"I disliked working for this company very much. It was not hekpful to the customers, the customer was not valued and that was my biggest problem honestly."

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